The League Sports promotes physical fitness in a fun, safe, and clean environment. We strive to create a balanced, competitive, fair and fun environment for players of all skill levels!


Each player that plays in any League Sports event may be assessed and assigned a player rating. Ratings are based on player’s skill level that examines all skills of the game. Passing (defensively & serve receive), setting, attacking, blocking, & serving. Ratings are as follows AA, A, BB, B and C, “AA” being the highest rating and “C” being the lowest. Player ratings also coincide with the name of divisions offered at our events.

**Each division is subject to the Tournament Director's discretion to determine fair play

C Division

Recreational Level

Players new to volleyball or players that have not played consistently in leagues or tournaments. This division is for players that are inconsistent across all skill sets.

B Division


Players that are comfortable & confident in volleyball skills/rules of the game with some inconsistencies. Players that may be masters at some skills but not across the board.

BB Division

Highly Competitive

Players that are strong across most skill sets. Players that are actively playing in tournaments & leagues. Players that can consistently pass to target, attack aggressively and play strategically front/back row.

A Division


Players that are very consistent in all skills. Players that are very active in tournaments & leagues. Players looking to compete at a very high level.

AA Division

Highly Advanced

Players that are extremely consistent in all aspects of the game. Players that have extensive playing history (i.e. collegiate/semi-pro/professionally). Players that want to be challenged by playing against the best in the Bay area.



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