Ask Us Anything!


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

No ID requirements. There is no age limit to participate in this tournament. Participants under 18 years old need a signed guardian consent form.

Does The League Sports run tournaments for other organizations?

Yes, please email info@tl-sports.com with details of the date and type of tournament. Advanced lead time of 6 -8 weeks to ensure facility rentals and maximize participation.

How many subs can I have on my team?

Typically, you are allowed one sub, any additional subs would have to register and pay as a free agent for tournaments that have 4 or more players per roster. Sub rules for doubles or triples events will be highlighted in the tournament packet sent out to captains prior to the event.

What is reverse coed format?

Net is set to women's height, only women can attack from the front row. Men can only attack from the 10ft line.

How do I know I'm registered for a tournament?

You will immediately be sent an email confirmation once the payment is processed.

What is the refund policy?

Teams may receive a FULL refund if they cancel one week prior to the registered tournament date. Teams that cancel within one week of the register tournament date will incur a 20% cancellation charge of the registration amount paid (i.e. $250 registration cost x 20% = $50 cancellation fee).


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can email info@tl-sports.com with questions or concerns or call/text (408) 479-4403.

What are the skill sets per division?

Divisions are as follows AA, A, BB, B and C, “AA” being the highest rating and “C” being the lowest. 

AA - Highly Advanced

Players that are extremely consistent in all aspects of the game. Players that have extensive playing history (i.e. collegiate/semi-pro/professionally). Players that want to be challenged by playing against the best in the Bay area.

A - Advanced

Players that are very consistent in all skills. Players that are very active in tournaments & leagues. Players looking to compete at a very high level.

BB - Highly Competitive

Players that are strong across most skill sets. Players that are actively playing in tournaments & leagues. Players that can consistently pass to target, attack aggressively and play strategically front/back row.

B - Competitive/Recreational

Players that are comfortable & confident in volleyball skills/rules of the game with some inconsistencies. Players that may be masters at some skills but not across the board.

C - Recreational Level

Players new to volleyball or players that have not played consistently in leagues or tournaments. This division is for players that are inconsistent across all skill sets.

What is the rating system & why do you have it?

For the 2019 calendar year we have started in implement player ratings. The goal is to create a playing environment where players of a similar skill set can play competitively while also keeping player safety in mind. Our efforts to rate players is part of an ongoing goal to ensure the level descriptions as outlined are a true representation of the players competing within those levels. We are trying to prevent "sandbaggers" and promote player safety. In order for any individual to be rated, they will be evaluated in all skill sets of the game. Once they are rated & notified they will only be permitted to play in the division of their rating or higher, unless otherwise specified for specific events. 


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