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All players are responsible for creating an atmosphere of respect & sportsmanship

Timeliness: All players/participants must show up on time within the deemed check-in period. Your warm up should be before the designated start time. You must ensure your team fulfills all scheduled duties, this includes reffing assignments. Throughout the tournament or league, you must be ready to play when the schedule indicates. Being late to your games or reffing assignments affects other teams & overall efficiency. Be respectful of everyone’s time by being aware/prompt in arriving to your assigned play/ref schedule.

Play Fair: All players are expected to review the rules & ask for any clarifications before starting the tournament or league game. Rules are emailed to all team captains before each tournament or league. With a wide variety of formats, not all rules translate across every event or division. Ask any, and all questions before starting play. If a game is completed and then you bring a potential rule to the director’s attention – there is nothing we can do retroactively. In most scenarios we will have peer reffing situations. We expect that everyone is playing to win but be mindful that not all refs may have the same experience level and be respectful. When you are reffing, you must pay attention to all aspects of the game & try your hardest to implement the rules in a fair and consistent fashion.

Good Sportsmanship: Respect all players, coaches, staff, and volleyball bystanders/spectators. There will always be a wide variety of skill levels but please remember that we are coming together for a love of the sport & support of our families/friends. Always act with respect to one another.

Code of Conduct: About Us
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